Many have rushed into pharmacies, beauty shops and nutrition houses just to get the magical herbal formula that exposes husbands' cheatings for over 45$ per pack! Many researchers expected the raise of the divorce rate wherever that formula is around, meanwhile others have confirmed the hugHo e probability of the formula's failure.

The story begins when an Indian wife "shankita Blawal" has came upon making that strange herbal formula, whom also filed for divorce after discovering her husband's cheating on her. Offers of million dollars from drug companies later showered her to get this formula, which works after adding it to the husband's food or drink until his body odor change to a certain smell, they called it "the cheating odor".

An American company bought the product and called it "Ka-Fashto" a two-section Indian word "Ka" means Key, and "Fashto" means Truth "The Key of the Truth". Herbomedica the American-Indian company that bought the product said that the usage of the Ka-Fashto is so simply, as all the suspicious wife has to do is to add one-drop of the product into her husband's any drink hot or cold, then offer it to him to drink right after his return from his suspicious trip. Now all the wife has to do is to wait to smell the "cheating odor" to blow all the winterís storms right at his face. The husband is Ka-Fashto positive Ėcheater- if the wife smells an odor sticks-like coming from his skin, and it continues for two days after having his drink. And if that smell didn't show up, then the husband is innocent until the odor proven guilty.

Scientifically, specialists say that what happen is when a man is having sex, it leads to the reduction of the sperms count temporarily followed by some biological reactions inside the husband's body, such which makes Ka-Fashto operates, as those reactions results out some chemicals mixed with the sweat thatís accompanied by a very distinguished odor.

What makes Ka-Fashto more widely acceptable is that it has been approved by the FDA without a prescription, as the tests said it doesn't contain any chemical substances, but it's all about pure natural herbs extractions, which also comes in different odors such as Lavender, Bergamot, Mint, Chamomile and Vanilla.

HerboMedica currently is on co-operation with specialist American research centers for developing a feminine version of Ka-Fashto, that would allow husbands to discover if their wives cheating on them.